In the middle of a global disruption that looked at the year 2020 and threw itself 3 months or so into a 12 months journey (although it started in some other places in 2019), I think this is one of the most important conversations we should be having in the middle of the pandemic.

For some of us, we are exhausted by the continuous stream of coronavirus news and also the fake news mills. People who circulate unfounded and unverified messages which they just forward as received. This is my first knock, I think our people can find a lot of better things to do with their data instead of being a major coronavirus news reporter. I mean it is pointless because everywhere you turn, the news is there. It is important to have a sense of what is happening in the world but we shouldn’t be pulled into the negative news cycle. There is also a lot we can do with our time and resources which we will be talking about later on.


This is a major threat to life and livelihood, a threat to health, economy, and finances. Businesses. Schools, governments have shut down. Plans have been affected, goals have become hampered just as work, transportation, and virtually everything has been disrupted.

In the middle of this lockdown where people are expected to stay at home, you’d expect calm and rest but unfortunately, that’s not happening for many, they are rather stressed mentally. Because bills have not stopped rolling in yet many make daily earning. Some people just sleep and wake up every day hoping that the lockdown will be called off someday and just resume their daily bustling. That’s not right; this lockdown has provided a rare opportunity to breathe, think, plan and re-strategize.

It is not a time to give up on goals and expectations for the year. A lot can still happen in the remaining months of the year as we increase our resilience, thinking capability, and execution of strategies. The reason why we must be prepared and ready is that I can predict that activities will resume just as quickly as everything stopped.


1. You should be having enough rest. You don’t know when next you will have this opportunity.

2. You should use this time to cultivate life-enhancing habits and way of life. Your relationship with family and friends, your prayer life and bible study time should all be strengthened. For example, I wake up every day and spend quality time on the imagination of beautiful things in my future. I have quality conversations with myself and that gives me a lot of clarity.

3. This is a time to learn. The web has provided an immense pool of resources. Books, articles, videos, and applications abound in the virtual space. These are things we should be using our data for. If you go to for example, you will see thousands of books, same goes for YouTube. Some people say they have a low attention span and can put up with reading boos and I tell that articles can be a great alternative. Reading as many articles as possible regularly will do the same thing a book will do for your mind and intellect. And if you are a fiction lover, there are works of fiction that are posted in chapters and these things don’t even cost a fortune. Just before coming here, yesterday, I signed up for a course on selling that’s after I finished one on entrepreneurship in emerging economies from Harvard Business School. The interesting thing about online courses is that many of the certificates do not indicate if the course was done online or offline.


There will be a deliberate and intentional effort in identifying innovative and creative minds. Get ready.

2. This crisis is transforming the entire world and how we do things. Several businesses will emerge around public health, personal hygiene, cleanliness, disease prevention, and many others. Even the way we worship God and do our services will change. For example, I can’t imagine a church service where 5 people will minister at different times and you just want to be rotating one or two microphones. A lot of salivary transaction goes take place with the microphone. It will no longer be acceptable.

3. Do you think having side gig has been accepted? Wait till we come out of this crisis. You will see more of side gigs because everyone now fully understands the importance of having more baskets to place their eggs.

4. I expect that people will realize that many events can be just as effective if done online. I expect more jobs and entrepreneurship acceptance and breakthroughs around the digital hemisphere. If you don’t have anything you are doing at the moment, a wide market is waiting for you around the internet.

5. Even as an employer, we should experiment more with allowing employees working from home. It can be like two days from home and three days in the office. That will reduce road traffic if widely embraced.

6. Online education will also be more accepted. It can all be done online with distance ceasing to be a barrier.


You can’t afford to give up. Nothing can be done without hope and optimism. Las las, everything will be alright. We must remain committed to turning the negative energy into a positive result.

Use your time to focus on improving yourself, learning, praying and figuring out how you will position yourself to take advantage of whatever opportunity will arise from the present situation.

You can’t control the fact that the world is changing but you can do something about becoming an empowered entrepreneur or employee in search of new opportunities.

Leke Ademola-kay wrote and delivered this piece during a radio interview session.


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